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Purple Group is a group of companies known for its pioneering efforts to simplify client’s life by creating new and innovative technological platforms. It has a presence in the fields of management consultancy, lifestyle concierge and document management. By infusing modern business practices with traditional values, the Purple Group has been able to carve its reputation as a complete solutions provider.

The Group focuses on providing unquestionable integrity, seamless service, and innovative solutions to all our clients.

Purple acts as a one stop solution for clients across the business and individual lifecycle – from ideas to execution, from problems to solutions and from innovation lifecycle to growth lifecycle.

The group along with its subsidiary and associate company aggregate and distribute all kind of services in the most convenient, organized and personalized form to the clients. Each service gives all our clients the high-valued gift of time and convenience by fulfilling their requests for anything, anytime, anywhere.

We influence business service modules by riding on the advantage of IT innovations. We have created one of kind technological platforms, which deliver high performance, save time & money and higher customer satisfaction within the service sectors.

Our Team

  • ateet
    Ateet Sanghavi
    Founder Chairman & Partner
    Ateet Sanghavi is the founder Director and Partner of Purple Group, and heads diversified functions, as finance, business development, ideating & incubating ideas.

    Prior to starting Purple Group, Ateet was an associate with the Investment Banking/ Mergers and Acquisitions Department at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, previously known as DSP Merrill Lynch Limited, India’s leading investment bank. During his 6 years tenure, he was involved in raising and executing over USD 16.0 bn through various capital market/M&A deals, with some of the largest deals in Indian history.

    He is also currently a board member / honorary board member / advisor / chairperson / mentor to various listed and non listed companies in India and internationally including Universal business School, The Big Umbrella, Dasra, Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He often also gives guest lectures to various education institution including the prestigious Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.

    He has a Bachelors and Masters in commerce from University of Mumbai and is also a graduate of the prestigious Wharton Business School’s Executive Program on Investment Banking.

Our Services


Through our consulting services we empower businesses to take the right steps to ensure the growth of their companies. We strive to ensure through our strategic advice that businesses stay on the right track & meet their goals. Our services extensively help to bridge the know-how & implementation gaps businesses may face.


An ideator is a conceptualist; the person responsible for coming up with the original gem of an idea that now needs to be translated into a successful business venture.
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In biological terms, incubation refers to the act of keeping an organism, cell or cell culture in conditions favorable for growth and development.
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Strategy Consulting

Purple Ventures will help you envisage and decide upon a calculated route for your organization. We will lead the way by analyzing your current competencies and recommending a way ahead, whether by building on your existing strengths or creating new products and services.
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Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consultancy is the ability to find the right way to reach the right audience for your company’s offerings. Purple Ventures stresses on brand-building as it’s the first step towards creating an effective marketing policy.
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Legal Coordination

Purple Ventures takes care of all the legal red tape for your company. We assist in all legal matter ranging from securities law compliance to non-competition issues.
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Business Operations Consulting

Is your business running in the best way possible? Are the available resources being utilized in the most optimal way? To ensure that both of the above aren’t just a pipe dream.
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Market Research

If there are gaping holes in your goals and results, if your target audience is not enticed by your product, if you don’t know whether the market is ready for your idea, you need research.
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Social Networking Strategy

Social media marketing involves a deep understanding of what platforms your target audience frequents and their expectations.
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Advisory Board Recruiting

Advisory boards are essential to ensure that there’s always a clear and balanced reasoning associated with the company’s major decisions.
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Payroll Consulting

Payroll processing is one of the most important and necessary evils of running a business. Determining what salary a candidate deserves not only controls his motivation levels, but also directly corresponds to his value within the company.
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Financial Model

Financial modeling involves creating a model for everything – accounting to financial decision making.
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Business Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Without a plan, you will neither be able to sway investors nor run a successful business.
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Our investment banking services allow companies to access the tools they need for fundraising as well as the capital itself that they need to efficiently run their businesses. We make sure that no good business or idea is held back simply due to the lack of resources.

Raising Capital

Purple Ventures offers a full suite of advisory and capital raising services.
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Building Strategic Partnership

Purple Ventures will be the whiteboard that you write your organization’s strategic direction on.
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Exit Strategy

Because of the high level of risk involved with endorsing a start-up, and the initial period of little or .
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Purple Ventures Handpicks projects, which it believes, truly show a scope of growth & through a structured deal, Invests in them meticulously. We believe that a company should never be held back due to a lack of resources and hence, step in as an angel investor to resolve such issues.

Contact Us

14-A, Jolly Maker Chambers II
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
+91 22 6615 8000
+91 22 6656 2214

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