HMK-002Hemendra Kothari, Chairman, DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund

Mr. Hemendra Kothari represents the fourth generation of a family of prominent stock brokers. After serving the Stock Exchange, Mumbai, in the capacity of Vice President for three years, he was elected President in March 1991. He founded the company “DSP Financial Consultants Ltd.” (DSP) in 1975 which has evolved into a full fledged financial services organisation with offices in all the major metros in the country. In 1995, DSP entered into a joint-venture with Merrill Lynch and the name was changed to DSP Merrill Lynch Limited. Mr. Kothari served as the Chairman of the Company till March 31, 2009. Mr. Kothari is also a member of several leading representative trade forums including Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

DHS-002Dipak Sanghavi, Partner & Director, Purple Group

Dipak Sanghavi, founder of Sanghavi group of businesses and has over four decades of experience. He started his business career by dealing in textiles and then later moved into jewellery, real estate development, stock broking business and information technology business in India and abroad. He specializes in various areas including financial management, business strategy, business management and management audit. He is famously regarded as an astute negotiator.

Krunal-002Krunal Desai, Managing Director, Hotel Comfort Inn

Krunal, is a young self made millionaire with diversified businesses including real estate, hospitality, diamonds trading, jewellery, equity broking and renewable energy. After starting his career in the diamond industry he became an official diamond grader from renowned HRD institute in Antwerp, Belgium. He started expanding his group companies through various diversified expansions and venturing into the highly professional and skillful field of hospitality and real estate. He tends to buy companies and turn them around with making huge profits. This instinct has made him purchase various hotels and properties at extremely low value and create huge success stories.

Ateet-002Ateet Sanghavi, Chairman & Partner, Purple Group

Prior to starting Purple Group, Ateet was an Investment Banker with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, previously known as DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd, India’s leading investment bank

During his tenure, he was involved in raising and executing over USD 8.0 bn through various capital market/M&A deals, with some of the largest deals in Indian history including India’s largest add on offering of ICICI Bank for USD 4.95 bn equity offering. He is also a board member / honorary board member / advisor / mentor to various listed and non listed companies in India and US.

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